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Feeding Bundle Includes:

/ Suction Squirrel Plate

/ Suction Bowl

/ Bib

/ Cup W/ Straw


Our silicone feeding bundles are made from 100% high-quality food grade silicone, free from BPA, Phthalates, Lead, PVC and any other nasties! Silicone is soft, flexible, durable and lightweight. Optimal for food contact, they are bacteria resistant and allergy-friendly which makes them extra hygienic.



Our silicone suction bowls makes eating solids easier for both you & baby! The bowl is able to live under high temperature which will keep your babys' food warm AND a strong vacuum suction to any flat surface! This makes it so much easier to clean up after your child.




The bib has a handy deep spill pocket to catch any spillage that doesn’t make it into your little ones mouth. The big, wide pocket retains its shape to ensure nothing escapes.


They have an adjustable neck which makes them suitable for ages 6 months onwards. From baby through to toddler and beyond, this bib grows as they grow. 

Our silicone bibs are foldable and they retain their shape! So easy to roll up and travel on the go! They are water-repellent, so there is no chance of any liquid soaking through the bib and ruining any clothes! 




Now the food stays on the table! Our adorable Squirrel Silicone Plate comes with dividers to plate up food in more palatable and enticing way for our little eaters. The bottom of the plate has a stay-put suction that helps contain mess a lot more

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Tiny and portable, designed to fit small hands, allowing your little one to hold the tiny cup and drink independently and effortlessly. Our baby silicone cup with straw is made of quality silicone material, soft and flexible, insulated and will not scald the baby's small hands; The round and smooth edge of the straw and cup will not hurt baby's mouth and tongue, and the cup will not break when dropped on the ground, safe for babies who learn to drink independently


Our straw cup is only 80% leak proof, for the cup and lid are made of soft silicone material; If the baby squeezes the cup hard, the gap in the lid may leak water or beverages; Please be careful not to let your baby be scalded by the hot water; At the same time, the straw has an anti pull out design. These silicone sprill proof training cups can withstand high and low temperatures and they are easy to clean; They can be disinfected with boiling water or placed in the dishwasher for cleaning, reusable and practical, suitable for most occasions whether at home or on the go.



Feeding Bundle - Lilac


    • Silicone is durable & unbreakable
    • Gentle on little hands
    • Safe & non-toxic
    • Eco friendly
    • Odourless & tasteless
    • Hygienic & hypoallergenic
    • Resistant to bacteria and mould
    • Extremely easy to clean
    • Extremely practical



    • Wash thoroughly before first use
    • Hand wash after usage or place in dishwasher on top rack.
    • Suitable for 6+ months
    • To remove any odor, we recommend putting our silicone dinnerware in the oven at 120 degrees for about 20 minutes. Do remember to remove any food residue or oil on our dinnerware before doing so.
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